Ranks Updated

I updated the ranks because they looked a little sloppy but nobody was deleted or anything. Also,I ranked you Jay Gadget.


3 Responses

  1. Hi GSA Im Snow Nick from RWCP and we would like to practice battle you!
    we want to pb u saturday the 16
    1:00 pm est
    12:00 pm cnt
    11:00 am mst
    10:00 am pst
    6:00 pm uk
    the server is permafrost snow forts
    the rules are no allies,no bots,no armys dressing up as u and helping
    HOPE TO SEE U THERE ~Snow Nick RWCP 2ic

  2. The PB will be postponed for now because we are gonna go to war, i will tell you when we can do it

  3. srry but RWCP is going to have to cacel the pb for and upcoming war srry
    ~Snow Nick

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